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Ideact aims to support and advance medical research through ICT. So much time is spent in methods and statistics, so little time is spent in logistics. How do you get the best follow-up from as many participants as possible, with as little effort from the principal investigator as possible. We try to achieve this with the following three services:Research Survey
Forever Stories
Elephant eLearning

Medical research support

Research Survey

Researchsurvey is an online service for researchers who work with questionnaires, randomization and apps and strive for the most complete follow-up possible. The main goal is to relieve researchers as much as possible through automation, overviews and smartphone apps. In this way we try to make research even more cost-effective.

Sharing life-stories

Forever Stories

We all want our loved ones to live forever. Unfortunately, nobody does – but we can still remember and talk about each other. In the long run, all we can do is leave our stories behind and hope that people keep telling them. To do that, we believe that everybody should have a forever-lasting life story online which can be found and shared by future generations. We call these “Forever Stories©”. You can imagine a Forever Story© as a combination of a Wikipedia page, biography, and social media page of a loved one or yourself. But you’re in control, it’s there forever, and there are no subscriptions.


Elephant eLearning

Elephant eLearning is an e-learning platform for medical education. The goal is to create different forms of the same e-learning module and evaluate them for effectiveness. Elephant eLearning is more like an e-learning laboratory than a commercial platform. For the time being, elephant elearning is a service that is used for research purposes for the thesis of Robert de Leeuw, called “Quality in Postgraduate Medical Elearning – the development of an evaluation tool”.

About us

In 2003 IDEACT started as a sole proprietorship, RL Photography. In 2006 the activities were expanded and the name was changed to IDEACT “from Ideas to Actions”. Since 2014, IDEACT has developed a unique ICT platform to optimize digital questionnaires and to create smartphone apps. In 2016, significant investments were made in the second version of this platform, called “Research Survey”. There has been a plan for further professionalization since 2017, but this is no longer a part-time responsibility. That is why IDEACT has been a VOF since 1 August 2017.We started elephant elearning in a Wordpress environment in 2016 using LearnDash and switch to a Moodle platform in 2019.In 2021 the idea of Forever Stories took off and we started writing and collecting stories in 2022.

Owners of IDEACT:
Dhr. Tariq Ahmadali - IT specialist
Dr. Robert de Leeuw - gynaecologist

Research Projects

  • Myomex studie

  • TCRM Studie

  • Papa Studie

  • Questa Studie

  • RED studie

  • OCON studie

  • TIN Studie

  • 2Close studie

  • Cerclage database

  • ECHIQ studie

  • Lapress studie

  • Nopress studie

  • Sympress studie

  • Mijn menstruatie studie

  • Myovasc studie

  • Niche cohort studie

  • Transmannen cohort

  • Zwangerschap en Werk

  • Zwangerschap en Corona studie

Smartphone apps

  • Menstruatie kalenders

  • Myovasc

  • Lapress

  • Nopress

  • Niche cohort

  • 2Close studie

  • TIN studie

  • Myomex 1 studie

  • Myomex 2 studie

  • OCON studie

  • RED studie

  • TCRM studie

  • Prosecco studie

  • Questa studie

  • Menstruatie educatie apps

  • Voor volwassene

  • Voor adolescenten

Projects commissioned by

eLearning projects

  • Niche Ultrasound eLearning

  • Niche pregnancy classification eLearning

  • Adenomyosis MUSA criteria eLearning

  • Niche ultrasound in pregnancy eLearning

  • Laparoscopic electrosurgery eLearning

eLearnings are made possible by:

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